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Think Victory and Win !

Everything is fine, everything is going wonderfully well.

It’s certainly a great new year that begins for you and your business.

Certain sentences, certain words, certain slogans can be triggers of positive energies and waves.

The fundamental energies of life must be established and controlled.


ALLLKEMIA, The Road to Success

Hold on to your goals !


You are going to meet success, abundance, wealth and fortune.

With each new year, there is a change in energies at the levels of cosmic receptivity.

95% of what we do is the result of habits …

The rule is to train good ones and make them your master

This is your happiest year, delicious things are about to happen for you.

Everything is magic, Everything is phenomenal.

Certain laws of physics cannot be circumvented.



ALLLKEMIA , Number One in Esoteric Naming in the World-leader-in-resonance-naming-in-the-world


You will be stronger this year


Your success will be very, very strong this year,

It’s fantastic … It’s wonderful,

Live your dreams, everything is going wonderfully well.

This year, you will know a meteoric progression, it will be your best year.

It will be your happiest year, you will be better, you will be stronger, amazing things will happen for you.

Be aware of things, but heal them with your subconscious.

Happy new year 2021, success wins you over, invades your life.

ALLLKEMIA, the road to success.


The Secret of Success

David Vaya Richerman Beaudry.




ALLLKEMIA Leader in the creation of brand names resonating in the world, tailor-made services


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This knowledge and driving force fuel all of our Naming creations


At ALLLKEMIA, we master this know-how, it is one of our specificities.
When designing our names.

The euphoric “sound” part is hidden in your name and the “visual part”

It is thus hidden in a logo or logotype

Nevertheless with an adequate force of attraction which must be impressed in the subconscious.

This combination will therefore prove to be formidable in your communication campaigns.

Because, it will act and increase your attractive magnetism.


Agency Naming leader resonance generator creator of custom brand names world


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This knowledge transmitted in a closed circle, we share it with some great and very famous music composers around the world.

According to a Canadian neuroscience article:
The addiction to music is due to the manipulation of dopamine production in the brain;

Some songs release euphoric molecules in the brain and are addictive.

At ALLLKEMIA you have the opportunity to create the most synchronized and favorable name for your business.

Here, we have the ability to modify, orient, change the DNA of your name, we can calibrate it, give it the desired intensity.

It is a geneticist’s service, it is high science:

A unique tailor-made know-how.

Thus, we reveal to you the most powerful name suited to your concept with influential and desirable tones.

Our Naming responds to rules, laws, codes, symbols, forces, we manipulate letters, we direct the energetic action of words.

We guide the action of colors on logos or logotypes for harmonious, powerful and captivating communication.

We build a name with a promise, a real visible and invisible purpose.

The principle of energies is to ensure stillness, strength, attraction, prosperity, evolution and abundance.

Our Naming is at the highest level of knowledge:


ALLKEMIA Naming agency leader in brand name creation resonance blog

                           It’s a unique experience !

ALLLKEMIA Unique visible tailor-made service.


Gain in power and attractiveness!

 ALLLKEMIA Unique visible tailor-made service.

Expertise / consultancy firm specializing in name creation, brand creation, custom product names with high attendance.

When creating our name we had the choice between

“All sciences” and “Alquémia”: We chose “Alquémia” in Spanish = Alchimie in French
Because this word ALLLKEMIA is basically a powerful word which resonates energetically,

We have oriented, balanced, manipulated, modulated and accentuated its vibratory rate.

Thus, it became ALLLKEMIA thanks to the fusion, balance and orientation of its 4 active elements combined and then tamed in our 3 dimensions.

– The “AL” = the root (the very high, superior science);
– The 2 L “= lunar letter, represents the flight, the height
– “Kémia” = matter


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ALLLKEMIA means here: “All the higher sciences will resonate”.


Alllkemia leader Generator creator names alchimic esoteric concept

We have much more to bring to you than just a name.


The “A”: the breath, the existence, the beginning, spatial, aerial, open-mindedness
The “L”: lunar letter
The doubling of the “LL”: imaginative power, height gain, sitting, balance
“KE”: Vibration of matter, cosmic resonance of time, awareness of matter,

Activation of a receptive frequency in the subconscious,

Creating the opening of a mechanical

Wave promoting the production of dopamine for receptors and listeners .
“Mia”: Fertility, motherhood, celestial divinity, feminine envelope, protection.
Typology: Solar
Alliance: balanced; female name <> male character
Astral action: ability to do, to achieve, to attract
Key figures: the 1 and the 6


 ALLLKEMIA Unique visible customized service


Our support for the world of entrepreneurship …


We want to contribute to the influence of the business ecosystem in Europe.
We bring you an overall strategic vision of your company based on your name

Which will have a coherent, rich and powerful corpus,

Able to cope with the proliferation of international companies.

Our ambition is to make things work for you.
In Europe, agencies are more traditional and remain generalist.

In the United States, things are more open to knowledge and additional contributions.

Their success story is much bigger than ours.


ALLLKEMIA Live the Difference, Be Powerful, Reach Your Goals Faster, Aim Right, Think Big.

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Individuals, find a brand name for your perfume!


Individuals, Stand out by creating your own name.

Your own unique personalized perfume identity in total harmony with your personality and according to what you want to achieve from life.

A name does just for you, for your scent, so that you can lead a more conscious, balanced and joyful life.

Indeed, a name promoting courage, decision-making and assertiveness and which purifies and transforms dense energy into a lighter vibration.

Perfumes have become like a lifestyle choice.

They are related to personal characteristics – sensuality, strength, power, robustness, elegance, dominance.

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Professionals, find a brand name for your perfume or perfume shop!




 ALLLKEMIA is a unique and exceptional name creation concept visible for the first time in Europe.

We validate – We create – We correct your names, your brands found internally!




We create bespoke names for perfume companies and name perfume shops.

Our names not only define a name, it is a truly unique identity that is tailor-made for a market, but also intended to help you achieve your goals and find your audience.

In addition, taking into account your requirements, whether they are tactical, demographic, financial.

Therefore, ALLLKEMIA will answer your challenge and reveal the best to you.

As a result, perfumes hold around 12% of the cosmetics market.

Thus, they are therefore not to be considered as an essential hygiene product.

In particular, they are more associated with prestige and sophistication.

Our goal at ALLLKEMIA is that your perfume name attracts, holds back and arouses emotion, envy, desire and dreams.


Naming-agency-leader-in-resonance-creation-of-custom-brand-names-giving-a-name-a-perfume-alllkemia-the-one-of-brand-creation resonance





In our designs we use timeless markers that reveal and reflect the character of the perfume name such as:

                                                                                                                             The mystical side of existence Iconic names dedicated to womeCarrying the essence of love stories:


The future
The finesse
The wealth
The power
The possession
The provocation
The spell


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 Leader Naming Agency For Creation of Brand Names of Perfumes for Individuals and Professenal




If you want to start a new perfume company, you will need to be very strategic about the name and branding.

The market is already very competitive.

Some companies invest colossal sums to ensure their leadership position.

ALLLKEMIA thanks to its ESOTERIC NAMING concept will be able to reveal to you the most influential name in order to install you on the market comfortably, without fear.

Because the market is huge and the development potential is there.

Perfumes are as popular with men as they are with women.

At the end of 2018, the global perfume industry generated revenues of $ 45.6 billion.



Alllkemia-leader-naming-resonance-creation-of-names-of-perfume-brands-europe-nantes-paris-monaco-london-andorra-switzerland-luxembourg-china-los-russia-japan-holland-germany- Italy

Consulting firm specializing in Naming, creation of names.

We offer you a range of solutions closely linked to your profile and your market specification, geared favorably to your business environment.

We master a unique tailor-made know-how: in the creation of names, in the creation of product names, in brand territories (logos, captivating, influential logos), quickly identifiable among others.


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Each of our creations brings you stability and positions you for continued growth.
By our action, we contribute to the emergence, to the balance of energies.

So, for the well-being and harmonization of your business, by promoting a force of attractiveness perceptible by your competitors.

In conclusion, being attentive to the needs of our customers allows us to offer optimal, cutting-edge, reliable and tailor-made solutions.

In addition, sound management advice predefined at each stage of your business.

ALLLKEMIA gives you access to detailed data allowing you to analyze your future performance in order to adjust your business strategy and model your forecasts.

ALLLKEMIA is a brand name creation solution responding to the challenges of performance and added value on a product.



Our creations are present on all continents in various sectors: Boutique – Perfumery – Cosmetics – Creation of custom perfume brand names.


Where does Naming come from!

The Nam ’Naming phénomène’ phenomenon that dates back to 1926.
More and more sports arenas in France are using this type of sponsorship.

But where does this practice come from?


The “Naming“. It’s a kind of sponsorship, where a brand gives its name to a sports speaker, comes from the United States.

It’s a very common practice there.
The name is never trivial, it often comes from a discipline that promotes success.

ALLLKEMIA, with its concept ESOTERIC NAMING is the leader of Naming in resonance in Europe.
In the NBA, for example, 27 of 30 basketball clubs play in halls branded




The first recorded case of “Naming” took place in 1926 in Chicago: William Wrigley, owner of a brand of chewing gum and a baseball club, the Chicago Clubs, had decided to rename “Wrigley Field” the stadium where his team was playing.
To increase its attendance and grow its brand.

Change your name? !


Do Naming like L’AccorHotels Arena POPB. Is the new name of the sports hall of Paris-Bercy.

More and more sporting organizations in France use this type of sponsorship. (Source article RTL)

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ALLLKEMIA reveals the best


ALLLKEMIA reveals the best…

Naming already exists on the other side of the Atlantic, for more than 80 years and these benefits have been known for more than 6000 years in the great dynasties of the planet.

Why not you ?


 ALLLKEMIA, leader of naming we reserve the best for you !


It was through Germany that the Naming actually arrived in Europe at the stadiums for the 2006 World Cup.

But he had already established himself in Europe’s most successful business circles since the 17th century in closed circles.

The Hamburg club was seduced by this practice by renaming its AOL ARENA stadium.

Then England, then France got involved too.


Do you want to assert yourself among the greats ?!

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Alchemical feats await you here.

All codes of communication and science will resonate.

Concept KosmoNaming by Vaya Richerman B. and his team of experts.

ALLLKEMIA, we reserve the best for you!

See the article by : Crédit Média : Cyprien Cini et Loïc Farge.


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Neuroscience and Cosmic Power work for you !






ALLLKEMIA is the rigor of cosmic sciences and the discipline of esoteric sciences in action.

Get the best successful global attractive creations.

Choose, influence what you want.


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ALLLKEMIA NAMING The specialist in clearly identifiable names

We create the most remarkable, highest brand names with attractive magnetic cosmic creation around the world for example:

So to speak, ALLLKEMIA is the specialist in the creation of Iconic brand names.

To this is added, with ALLLKEMIA specializations in the creation of Timeless brand names

In addition, ALLLKEMIA is a strong signature, therefore, it is the specialist in creations of Emblematic brand names …

Thus, ALLLKEMIA, contributes to your success.

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Which gives LA to your Brand Name!




What is important in a name is what is perceived, not what is invisible.

Because this is where the subconscious works.

The subconscious gives the “LA”, it is the trigger.





ALLLKEMIA Finding its glorious name






To achieve your goal, your name must find its roots in its concept.
And not according to your feelings or the fashion of the moment.
In fact, you will often have to convince an unsophisticated and unaware audience of the benefits of your product or the credibility of your business.
The name is the greatest resource of your business.


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Our name creations, our brand creations are worth gold!



We do not imagine, we think and visualize your name.

All of our attention is focused on bringing out the most perfect name, the most powerful name for your concept.

Then, the result is transferred to our ESOTERIC NAMING application tool.

Who interprets the instructional sequences of creative thinking:


Thus, gives it its final identity.




Design creation by KOSMONAMING


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ALLLKEMIA is a scientific generator of brand names, company names, service names and product names.

All of this, thanks to a detailed analysis of the telluric world and the astral world.


Demand what is right for you!

Each solution is different ?!

Why create identical names, intuitively or imaginatively…
In our brand name creation firm, we apply principles and methods of scientific thought.

Each need is different, each creation must take into account various parameters.

Your needs are different from those of your neighbor.
Each letter must be prescribed, chosen with care to meet a very specific, very specific need.

Each of our creations is designed as a response, with a dosage, with a measure: It is an alchemy, it is a Science.
To do this, we combined the classic Naming creation method and our concept of creating brand names called

ESOTERIC NAMING, which produces beautiful creations:

It’s majestic …




Therefore, we take into account the market, the company, the product, the trade and the type of consumers or receivers we are targeting.
I would say that the choice of letters is more precious than the name itself.
Indeed: our creation technique allows us to obtain the most optimal results today.

In terms of creating brand names with a strong influx on the world market whatever the sector of activity.

At ALLLKEMIA, we quickly understood the interest of the complementarity of Neurosciences and Esoteric Sciences in our creations.
The result of this discovery is simply wonderful. It opens up unprecedented unlimited possibilities.


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We are creating the name that has the power and the potential to grow on a large scale and attract many more people.

Everyone dreams of a powerful brand name!


But most of us are content with a much less powerful, unreliable, if not ineffective, name than what we could get.


Lack of knowledge!

Get the Grail for creating your brand name

The laws that govern the Universe.

Say that with each transgression, through ignorance, you deprive yourself of benevolent energy.

Your name: it’s an energy that gives access to a program.

Thus, in addition to the classic Naming methodology.

With our Esoteric Naming concept.

Your name is seen as an instrument, a key that interprets a field, that decrypts energy codes.

And in turn generates preference.

Or conversely created, without observing these laws, will more often than not face a mixed desire.

As a result, or even cause rejection of the product, service or company for which it was created.

Stay in control of what you get!


Stay in control of what you get

Because a created name conveys similar energies corresponding to the thought conditions of the one who created it.

The Grail is to create the name that will give you access to a maximum of programs, according to its energy alignments.



Alllkémia is a power, it's your supreme bonus in the creation of brand names!


Thus, the more your name will be connected and will be in adequacy with the natural vital forces.

The more you get and attract what you want. Indeed, deprived of natural rules and principles.

You will suffer continuous attacks. Which ultimately will lead to difficulties of all kinds in your business.

Alllkémia is a power, it’s your supreme bonus in the creation of brand names!


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Brand names created on the energy circulation






Do like them, adopt a timeless brand name.


Respect for natural laws in our creations is the assurance of attributing:

And on the other hand, it is to be aware of the environment around us and its benefits.

In short, no inappropriate name will make you better for lack of vitality.

Indeed, the secret of this power.

Qualities, additional virtues to your name, to your brand so that it can evolve well.

Lies in the perfect understanding of the principles, forces, methods and combinations of creation.


Those who have had great successes have purchased this type of service